Just 15 Of The Fugliest Cuties We've Ever Seen

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Not all animals can be super cute and cuddly. There's a world of animals out there and well, some of them have really great personalities.


1. "Must have the precious!"

2. Ugly, but happy!

And pretty darn adorable, if you ask me.

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3. Just say "no" when this owl offers you brownies.

Or yes.


4. Lykoi cats look like little feline werewolves, which is pretty awesome.

5. Even the King of the Jungle can take a derpy picture.

Please don't tell him I said that.


6. This is what happens when you feed Chihuahuas after midnight.

I'm not really even sure what I'm looking at.

7. I'm voting "cute" on this bashful fella.

8. This Budapest Pigeon only has eyes for you!

Big creepy bird eyes.


9. I'm afraid to see what's on the other end of this monkey.

10. This naked chubster is just happy being himself.

I'm not quite sure what he is, but I do like his attitude and I think we could all learn a little something from him.

11. Behold the Gothstrich!

12. Sphynx cats look a little evil, but you know they're all about snuggles and treats.

That's a wicked little blep!


13. What she lacks in looks, she makes up for in style.

14. Pugs are officially the ugliest AND the cutest dogs.

15. "Uh, we're good." — every kid at the petting zoo.