Just 55 Tumblr Posts About Animals That Will Make You LOL

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Animals are great and Tumblr is great. Combined? They're a recipe for hilarity. Here are 55 Tumblr posts about animals that are guaranteed to make you LOL.

1. Do you still wish you could text your dog?

2. You'll never be afraid of wild dogs again.

3. House dog cannot comprehend forest dog.

4. How to dog? No seriously: HOW TO DOG?

5. Not funny, human. Not. Funny.

6. Behold, the majestic ... Goose-ingo?

7. When Tumblr isn't afraid to get technical and scientific.

8. The prosecution calls ... DOG.

9. One of these things is not like the others ...

10. Agent Sheep Dog has successfully infiltrated the herd.

11. Soon, they will be our overlords — and the laser-wielding jerks will be the first to go.


13. Be nice to the little guy because you never know when he'll grow into a monster that is three times your size.

14. Not a human bathing with a mummified corpse.

15. Can every plane have a panda in cabin from now on? That would make commercial flights infinitely more bear-able.

16. Way harsh, Tumblr.

17. Printing this to use as a motivational poster about sharing.

18. Every dog deserves a Hank.

19. If you don't build a snog this year, you've failed at winter.

20. Someone get this poor melting puppy a vet.

21. This puppy is Judy Hopps levels of excited to be a police officer.

22. Patience, please.

23. Someone took their dog's life lemons and made sweet, sweet Tumblr lemonade.

24. Actual dialogue:

25. Serious question: Does the milk come out as whipped cream? Because it looks like it would, right?

26. Every time an alligator sees a purse or a pair of shoes.

27. This girl is a hero and we need in on this group text.

28. The cutest unemployment line of all time though.

29. LOL SUBWOOFERS. Good one, Tumblr.

30. Literally cannot be a real animal. Too cute to be real.

31. Are you accepting new patients, Dr. Puppy Pockets?

32. Oh...Oliver...

33. Ferocious.


35. When you realize you took a wrong turn somewhere.

36. Please don't dox this kitty.

37. Honestly just smart.

38. Our money is on furry potato.

39. "I literally don't see what you're even talking about."

40. Bookmark for when you need to smile.

41. Accurate:

42. When you're not specific enough about "fetch."

43. Cannot be bribed with kisses.

44. Proof that language barriers are real.

45. You have never been as cool as these lizards in Polly Pocket clothes.

46. Owls are like air cats.

47. This is why cats don't go on more walks.


49. I iz king of the jungle.

50. Sibling rivalry caught on camera.


52. Parents: Annoying their kids in every animal kingdom.

53. Meteorologist dog takes his job very seriously.

54. Curiosity killed the cat — and it smooshed the puppy's face.

55. Tumblr, here to shatter your misconceptions about the world.