Here Are 18 Pets Who Are Way Better Dancers Than You

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Animals have rhythm and soul, so it's no surprise they're great dancers. Check out these sweet dance moves, and try not to be too jealous.

1. Here's a classic cat move. It's called "Let Me TF In Dammit."

2. This lady and her dog have way too much time on their hands. And paws.

Or maybe I'm a little jealous because there is no way in hell I could convince my cats to do that.


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3. Cats are naturally graceful dancers.

4. Come on everybody, do the "Floor Elastic."

5. These pugs are tutu excited to show off their ballet moves.

6. "No no no, I'm the lead, you follow"

7. "But first we conga"

8. This picture is a classic for a reason. Kitties like to get down to accordion music, okay?

Don't judge them.



9. Terriers never stop moving. I'm surprised someone snapped a picture of this dude doing a joyful little jig.

I'm so glad they did though!


10. Did you know some countries have National Dogdancing Championships?

We did not and now we have questions. Lots & lots of questions.

11. Crunchy leaves inspire some great doggy dance moves.

12. This isn't so much of a dance as it is a clever cat who obviously wants treats.

"Whatever lady, just give me those treats."



13. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to every animal I've done this too.

The urge to do this starts early.


14. I will never be sorry for doing this, however.

It a little more dignified, right?!


15. Cats make the best pole dancers.

For reals.

This is what happens you bring a cat tree into the house.

16. This is a modern dance entitled "Nap time."

It's no problem catching a showing since it is performed many times a day.



17. This bird likes heavy metal.

Who's to say headbanging isn't technically a dance?



18. I saved the best dancers for last.


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