Just 20 Pictures Of Dogs Eating Pasta

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There's something hilarious about a dog trying to eat a single strand of spaghetti. Their jaws could hardly be less suited for it, but their eagerness and determination will not allow them to back down from the challenge.

1. Teeth aren't going to be much help in this situation.

2. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to really latch on.

3. Such intensity! Such passion!

4. This doggo has a special noodle dance.

5. Pasta bliss.

6. The noodle ... it's mesmerizing ...

7. The various stages of nom.

8. Ready ... set ... NOM!

9. Oops, missed one.

10. "Must. Eat. Noodle."

11. This is called "tramping" (as in "Lady and the Tramp").

12. Just like in the movie! Sort of.

13. There are easier ways to eat noodles and easier ways to get doggy kisses, but if you want both at once, tramping is your best bet.

14. This is the face of a dog that knows noodles are in its near future.

15. Sophisticated dogs eat ramen with chopsticks.

16. "I don't know what that was, but I'm pretty sure I liked it."

17. This is a dog's most flattering angle.

18. mlem

19. "Done. What else ya got?"

20. Quick! Before it gets cold!

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