18 Cats Who Are Total Bros

You don't have to be in a fraternity to be a frat bro. That having been said, if there were a frat for these cats to join (a cat frat!), they'd pledge faster than you can say "Natty Lite."

1. "Yo, gimme some skin, bro."

2. This bro earned his reputation as a total party animal.

Cat with cans of beer stacked on its head.
credit: Reddit

3. This bro knows he's looking fresh as hell in his tank.

Kitten wearing tank top and fist-bumping a human.
credit: Reddit

4. "No pain, no gain, bro!"

5. Spring break, dudes!

Cat wearing polo shirts and sunglasses.
credit: BroCats

6. "Sick shot, bro."

7. This is a secret handshake that bros use to identify one another. It's not that hard to learn.

8. Beer pong is more than just a game, bro.

Cat sitting on table with beer pong setup.
credit: Imgur

9. "Hitting the gym? Sick. Catch you later, bro."

10. A true bro pitches in for groceries.

Cat holding money with caption: "Here is the money I owe for the tuna last week."
credit: Imgur

11. Just a friendly prank between bros.

12. This bro is all about that popped collar look.

Cat wearing a polo shirt with the collar popped.
credit: Tumblr

13. "Come on, bro. You got this."

14. "Way to go, my dude!"

Cat giving a high five through a window with the caption: "Hey bro, heard you had a lady over last night."
credit: Imgur

15. This cat was pissed that his bro drank the last protein shake, but he's willing to let bygones be bygones.

16. A true bro never makes you feel bad about your shortcomings.

Cat with caption: "Knows your hunting skills aren't up to par. Brings you a dead mouse to make you feel better."
credit: Reddit

17. This cat relies on his bro to coach him through tough workouts.

18. "Hold my beer, bro. Parkour!"