19 Pets Who Really Want You To Let Them Inside

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To humans, a door is a movable barrier between two rooms. To animals, it is a mysterious portal, and we are wizards capable of opening and closing those portals at will. Until they learn our secrets, all pets can do is stare longingly through windows until we take pity on them and release them from that which confines them.


1. Is time out over yet?

2. "Hello. We heard there was food."

3. What even is glass?

4. You know what they say: Let sleeping cats lie.

5. "I can't ... hold on ... much longer!"

6. Pro tip for dogs: do some yoga while you wait for your human to let you in.

7. "Why won't you let me in? I brought you a present."

8. "Can my new friend stay for dinner?"

9. Joey is up to no good.

10. They took the screen out of the screen door, but someone hasn't figured it out yet.

11. "I can't believe those jerks actually locked me out."

12. Beautiful weather, isn't it?

13. "Hello? I forgot my keys."

14. "Quit taking pictures, and let me in already!"

15. If you wait more than 10 seconds before letting this dog inside, your heart is made of stone.

16. Check out what the cat dragged in.

17. Attempts to lick through the glass have been unsuccessful.

18. The cat made them swear fealty to her before she let them back inside.

19. "Fine. If they won't let me in, I'll just do it myself."

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