These 20 Cosplay Cats Live Every Day Like It's Halloween

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Reminder: Not all cats love wearing human clothes. If yours is one of them, please don't force the issue.

Video of the Day

Earlier today we spotlighted Mop Dog, our favorite costumed canine of Halloween 2017.


"This is how I rollz" -- mop & bucket dog

Kinda hard to top that, amirite? But cats are nothing if not competitive and a pair of adorable cuties have stepped up to answer the challenge.


From movies and TV to video games and points beyond, this duo has drawn from the well of pop culture to craft some incredible costumes (with a bit of halp from their human peeps, we imagine 😉).

Check out 20 of our favorite, compiled below!


1. The demogorgon from Stranger Things!

With an upside down caption, no less!

2. And Eleven!

3. The titular hero from Beauty And The Beast

4. Rick from Rick And Morty

5. Negan from The Walking Dead

6. Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones

7. Rocket from Guardians Of The Galaxy

8. Harley Quinn from Batman and Suicide Squad

9. The Sole Survivor from the Fallout video game franchise

10. Ash Williams from The Evil Dead and Army Of Darkness movies

12. Casey Jones from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

13. Ruby from The Fifth Element

14. Doctor Strange

15. The Grillmaster from Overwatch

16. Captain Phasma from Star Wars and The Force Awakens

17. Fry from Futurama

18. Indiana Jones

19. Doctor Who and Dalek

20. Spock from Star Trek

Did these two win Halloween or what? For mohr of their spot-on recreations and cosplays, check out Twitter and Instagram!