17 Chubby Baby Animals Who Just Can't Wait For Dinner

Babies love food. What do you expect?

1. Hurry send foods!

2. Outrage.

3. When you're so into your dinner you don't  notice someone taking an unflattering picture.

4. Same.

I've been there.


6. "Ohhh, rabbit food! Rabbit food is my favorite."

7. Tubby little tabby drinking buddies.

8. Whatever this baby is, he sure likes dinner time.

This is a baby koala, right? Or is it some kind of cute monkey?

9. This is my cat like every minute of the day ...

10. A very dramatic after-dinner snooze ...

11. And this is why you don't take baby bears to fancy restaurants.


12. This is me after a big meal.

13. "Oh yes, bananas please!"

I like to think of baby elephants as being very polite.

14. "I loves you ice creams."

15. Sure Koalas are vegetarian, but they can still be chubby.

16. Tiger ~chubs~ 😂

17. Eat a few crunchies, take a little snooze. It's hard work being a kitten.