14 Animals Who Totally Get Why You Hate Going Home For The Holidays

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Depending on who you ask, the holiday season is a time for joy, gratitude, and family; or it's a time for stress, anxiety, and crazy relatives.

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Please allow these adorable animals to illustrate why travelling home during the holidays sucks eggs.


1. When your parents immediately put you to work on household chores

2. You and your siblings immediately revert to your pre-adolescent behavior

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3. Waiting in line at airport security with two million other stressed out strangers.

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4. Your plane finally lands, and then you taxi around the airport for the rest of your life

5. The realization that none of your old friends are back in town yet

6. Your baby cousin who thinks you’re the coolest and won’t leave you alone.

Credit: Daily Haha


7. That aunt who always pinches your cheek and tells you how much you’ve grown

Credit: iheartmiles / Instagram

8. Trying to fit into your old twin bed

Credit: unrulytails/ Instagram


9. Pretending that you love the new sweater your grandma got you

10. Trying not to get involved during family “discussions” about religion/politics/whatever

Credit: Reddit


11. When your mom is really (really really) happy to see you

Credit: Cheezburger

12. Smiling for endless family photos

13. When you’re hungry, but you have to wait for everyone else to start eating

14. The complete and total lack of privacy


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