14 Animals Who Are So You After Way Too Much Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving can bring up so many raw emotions. From the turkey to the drinks to the family and friends, there's a lot of feelings to process and a ton of food to eat.


Here are fourteen critters who know exactly what you're going through this holiday season.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

1. When someone suggests an invigorating post-meal walk, and you’re just like “Nahhh.”

2. When the socially-awkward person nobody else wanted to chat with won’t leave you alone.

3. When your family introduces their “old friends” who you’ve supposedly known your whole life, but you have no idea why they are.

4. When you have a drink or four to cope with family fun.

5. When your parents bicker at the dinner table and you and your S.O. are all, “That’s never going to be us.”

6. When your lazy, freeloading cousin wants to bum a beer from you.

7. When you're halfway through your meal and realize nobody else has started eating.

8. When you savor every last delicious morsel of your aunt's blueberry pie.

9. Everyone is getting along fine until, a few drinks in, somebody brings up politics.

10. When you don't understand why you're still seated at the kids' table.

11. When you try to stay alert once you’re stuffed with stuffing.

12. When your body realizes how much food you just ate.

13. When somebody notices bites have been taken out of the desserts, but you refuse to 'fess up.

14. After all the Thanksgiving eating and socializing, your friends want to meet up at a bar, but you literally can’t.


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