28 Tattoos That The Pet Obsessed Will Love

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Looking for the perfect ink to honor the furriest love of your life? Here are 28 tats that will give you all the inspo you need.


1. These watercolor paw prints. OMG.

2. Or these, which are a technicolor trail of paws.

3. This much more realistic, but just as awesome paw print.

4. It's basically like mudprints from a good jump on the back of your legs.

5. The face in the paw. Next level.

6. Basically photo realistic.

7. This tattoo says, "Just crawling up your leg because I love you."

8. These ears though. TOO. CUTE.

9. Minimalist, but still gorgeous.

10. The most original dog portrait tat of all time.

11. Surreal in the best way.

12. An artistic take on the paw print tat.

13. The frame MAKES it.

14. Nope. THIS frame makes it.

15. Please let this be accurate to what this cat's body is like IRL.

16. The puppies and the prints. #HavingItAll

17. Somehow, this actually looks like it would be fuzzy to pet.

18. Furbaby love.

19. Simple and perfect.

20. Fierce. So fierce.

21. Because they're what make our hearts beat, obviously.


23. Geometric purrfection.

24. Equal parts unsettling and amazing.

25. Literal art.

26. This lady loves her cat more than you love yours. Sorry, but it's true.

27. But going small is powerful too.

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