These 23 Foodie Pets Are The Next Pretentious Trend We Can Blame Millennials For

Cats and dogs have one thing in common โ€” they freaking love eating food. So really, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise they consider themselves foodies.

1. Since the beginning of the internet, cats have begged the question, "May I please have this cheeseburger?"

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2. This pup will only balance authentic bagels on his nose, thanks.

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3. "I'm gonna put this BLT in this here CAT."

4. Some cats are utterly obsessed about clean eating.

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But you know they sneak Taco Bell on the DL.

5. "Smells like doggo dounts. Those are doggo donuts, right?"

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"Those are for doggos, right?"

6. This pup just adores visiting her favorite pawtisserie.

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"One of each, please!"

7. Never offer a calzone to a canine.

Dogs prefer pizza.

8. Cats are wonderful helpers in the kitchen and are more than happy to test your Hollandaise sauce.

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"Very good, indeed!"

9. Cats are not afraid to admit that they love cheesy poofs.

"They're toys AND snacks!"

10. A breakfast of steak and eggs is the purrfect way to start the day, according to cats.

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11. Cats quite enjoy cocktail parties. Especially when there are tasty apawtizers.

12. This little Frenchie is so on-brand ordering this champagne flight.

It's okay. He just turned three.

13. Cats enjoy a refreshing cider after a long, hard day of eating and napping.

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Well deserved, mate.

14. Dogs know all the best pizza places.

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15. Cats love brunch.

16. "Sushi from Whole Foods is my idea of fast food."

We get it. You're fancy.

17. Dogs are way into foodie fads on Instagram.

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His whole Instagram feed is avocado toast, smoothies, and pretty donuts.

18. Did you know that cats dig an occasional vegan meal?

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19. When I told you that dogs love pizza, I meant ALL dogs love ALL pizza (even Digiorno Pizza).

"Oooh it's pupperoni!"

20. Time spent baking fresh, buttery croissants for your cat is never wasted.

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21. Cats love pate because it's like fancy cat food for people.

"It. Is. So. Good."

22. This pup knows just what you need when you're feeling a little under the weather.

She's a good girl.

23. Cats love to lick toast and are way into this toast trend.

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