Homemade High Calorie Dog Food

Highly active working dogs, pregnant and nursing mother dogs, and underweight dogs may all benefit from a high-calorie diet or high-calorie supplements. High-calorie dog food includes real meat protein and essential minerals. You can buy commercial, high-calorie dog foods, but making the food at home ensures your dogs get the protein and amino acids they need and lets you customize the feed to your dog's size. Many dog breeders and experts recommend a ground-meat-based recipe called Satin Balls.

Woman putting water bowl down for her dog
woman feeding dog
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Plastic bags
plastic bags
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Open the tops of the12 freezer bags and place on counter.

Bowl of oat flakes
dry oatmeal
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Mix the Total, oatmeal and wheat germ together in a large bowl.

Salt shaker with metal lid
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Add the oil, molasses and salt, and mix well.

basket of eggs
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Crack the eggs into the bowl, then crush the eggshells and add into the mixture.

Mixing Bowl
woman mixing ingredients
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Pour in the gelatin, and mix all the ingredients well.

Cooking with ground beef
raw hamburger meat
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Add the raw hamburger and knead it until all ingredients are combined into a meatloaf consistency.

Cooking with ground beef
woman making hamburger meatballs
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Roll the mixture into 1 to 2 inch diameter meatballs.

Woman looking in freezer
woman looking in freezer
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Place the meatballs into the freezer bags and store in your freezer until you are ready to use them. Feed them thawed and raw, as needed.