12 Delicious Holiday-Flavored Dog Treats

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This holiday season, don't forget to make sure your dog has plenty of holiday treats! Just as you enjoy cookies and treats around the holiday season, so will your dog. Unfortunately, cookies meant for humans can be dangerous for dogs because they often contain chocolate, which is toxic for dogs, and a lot of sugar, which can make dogs sick. Instead of sharing your own cookies, give your dog their own tasty treats to enjoy during the holidays. Dog holiday treats come in a variety of festive shapes and flavors to satisfy your dog's individual taste preferences.


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1. Blue Buffalo Holiday Santa Snacks Oatmeal & Cinnamon Crunchy Dog Treats, 11-oz Bag

$4.98 at Chewy


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$3.79 at Amazon

These oven-baked treats are made without poultry by-product meals. They don't contain any corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives, making them ideal for dogs with allergies. These crunchy morsels include ingredients like oatmeal, cinnamon, pumpkin, flaxseed, and carrots. The limited-edition seasonal treats come in three festive shapes: stars, Christmas trees, and gingerbread cookie people. They come in a 12.48-ounce pouch and are suitable for dogs of all sizes.


2. Zuke's Mini Naturals Holiday Trees Turkey & Cranberry Recipe Dog Treats, 5-oz bag

$7.98 at Chewy


$7.98 at Amazon

Real turkey is the number one ingredient in these soft holiday treats. The treats combine the flavors of turkey and cranberry just like your favorite holiday meal. For extra fun, the small treats are Christmas tree-shaped, making them fun to carry and perfect to use for training. Use them to teach your dog new skills or reinforce good behavior when holiday guests visit. Each treat is less than 3 calories, so they're easy to incorporate into your dog's diet. These treats are made without fillers, by-products, or artificial ingredients. The bite-sized holiday treats are also made in the United States.


3. Exclusively Dog Howliday House Peanut Butter & Molasses Flavor Dog Treats, 2-oz Box

$2.78 at Chewy



Made with human-grade ingredients, these holiday dog biscuits are made with peanut butter and molasses. The treats are made in the United States and come in a festive gift box with a gingerbread doghouse on the cover. The treats come in festive gingerbread shapes and each holiday house box comes with 25 treats inside. Ideally priced to give to all your favorite dogs or slip into your dog's stocking.


4. Hand-Decorated Dog Biscuits, Pack of 8

$24.99 at Amazon


For the special pup in your life, these hand-decorated dog treats are a sweet stocking stuffer. The biscuits come in a festive holiday gift box making it an ideal gift for the special dog in your life. The eight decorated bone biscuits feature Santa and reindeer designs. Each of the treats is individually wrapped for freshness, and to make them perfectly giftable. These biscuits are made from human-grade ingredients and decorated with dog-safe frosting. The treats are made without corn, dairy, or soy. Perfect for holiday gifting, these treats are sure to impress your favorite dogs and their parents!

5. Santa Paws Classic Gourmet Dog Cookies

$19.38 at Walmart


$20.10 at Amazon

These fresh-baked dog cookies are perfect to have on hand for canine holiday parties or for gifting to the special dogs in your life. These treats are designed for all breed sizes and come in fun and festive shapes. The red and green cookies are shaped like Christmas trees and paw prints. Perfect for stocking stuffers, these treats are freshly baked in the United States.

6. Lord Jameson Hanukkah Gelt Vegan Dog Treats, 6-oz Bag

$12.99 at Chewy

$12.99 at BaxterBoo

This dog-friendly version of Hanukkah gelt is made with USDA-certified organic blue carrots and blueberries. These treats also include certified gluten-free oats. The holiday treats also include organic Bcoconut, peanut butter, dates, and organic brown rice syrup as ingredients. The treats are made without corn, wheat, and soy. They're also vegan and include human-grade ingredients. The treats are festive and a great source of vitamins A, C, and K, and are also made in the United States.

$10.99 at Only Natural Pet


These turkey and pumpkin treats are designed to bring the flavors of Christmas into a dog treat. The treats bring together turkey, pumpkin, and fresh cranberries for a taste of the holidays. They also include ground flax seeds, lentils, peanut butter, and molasses. Handcrafted in small batches, the festive morsels are grain-free and made without wheat, corn, or soy. These seasonally-inspired treats are also designed to be gentle on sensitive dog stomachs. They also come in Christmas-themed, 8-ounce bags, making them immediately giftable as stocking stuffers.

8. Bocce's Bakery Lumps of Coal Soft & Chewy Dog Treats, 6-oz. Bag

$4.27 at PetSmart

For good pups who might also be on the "naughty list," these coal-inspired dog treats are a humorous holiday treat. Made in the United States, these treats contain peanut butter, molasses, and bone charcoal, which can benefit digestive health. These treats are free from wheat, by-products, and fillers. Packaged in a candy-cane striped bag, these giftable treats even have a To/From label printed right onto the package.

$4.99 at Target


These peppermint creme-filled cookie sandwiches are sure to delight your dog. The sandwich parts of the cookie are made from carob (a chocolate substitute) and the green creme filling has a peppermint flavor, making them as cute as they are tasty. These cookies are made without salt, dyes, or artificial flavors. They come in giftable packaging with snowflakes and a printed to/from label on the box. These treats seriously look good enough for humans to eat—you might have to remind your holiday guests that these holiday cookies are for the dogs!

10. GREENIES Holiday Gingerbread Flavor Dental Dog Treats

$8.49 at Chewy

$8.48 - $18.15 at Amazon

If your dog is a fan of Greenie chews, don't miss this season's holiday flavor. These gingerbread-flavored chews are everything your dog loves about their favorite dental chews but with a festive twist. The chews are made with natural ingredients, complete with added minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. They help to clean your dog's teeth, all the way down to the gum line. This prevents plaque and tartar from accumulating while refreshing your dog's breath. These gingerbread chews make great stocking stuffers for the good dog on your list this year.

$1.77 at PetSmart

These vanilla shortbread biscuits are a special holiday treat for dogs. The treats are made in the United States with natural ingredients. Although they're oven-baked they're still soft and chewy. The treats are made without egg, salt, refined sugar, preservatives, meat by-products, corn, wheat, or soy. The limited ingredients list makes them ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. The vanilla shortbread cookies are made with rolled oats, honey, sustainably-harvested palm oil, whey, vanilla, rice flour, and a natural smoke flavor.

12. Blue Dog Bakery Doggie Paws Gingerbread Flavor Dog Treats, 10-oz. Bag

$5.48 at Chewy

$5.48 at Amazon

These soft chewy treats have a natural gingerbread flavor to help freshen your dog's breath. The treats come in festive howl-iday packaging making them fun to give as gifts. They don't contain animal by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The treats are made with natural ingredients like molasses, eggs, oats, and non-fat milk. Each treat is 10 calories, and they can easily be broken up into smaller pieces to use while training. These treats are made in the United States and are low in fat.



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