19 Pets Who Are So Over It

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You know how sometimes you can, and sometimes you can't even? These animals definitely can't even. Stick a fork in 'em, because they're 100% done.

1. Another day, another dollar.

2. "Nice puppy. Is he even potty trained?"

3. "After brushing Olly, I like to make him little toupees."

Olly wishes he could book an appointment with a real groomer, but money's tight, so this will have to do.


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4. "Put something else up here. Do it. I dare you."

5. "Diane, this is as humiliating for me as it is you"

SO done with this.


6. "No, please, don't get out of bed on my account. I know you need your beauty sleep."

7. "Wow, dude. Boundaries. Seriously."

8. If the dog thinks your feet smell bad, you need to take a long, hard look at your life.

9. "Is this a joke to you?"

10. "I was thinking we could watch something other than 'The Notebook,' but whatever."

11. "The weather seems ruff today, doesn't it Spot haha?" "Don't patronize me Greg."

How about you act like a professional, Greg?



12. "I'm too young for this shit."

13. "When your coworker Sharon asks a a question at the end of a long meeting"

Don't they know it's lunch time??


14. When you leave your pupper on read receipts"

"I showed you my heart now answer me"


15. Being friends with someone who legit watches the golf channel is the worst.

16. "Is it five o'clock somewhere? I don't know, I'm a cat."

17. Rules were made to be broken.

18. How about, no?

19. "I'm actually just going to sit here for a little while. Turn off the light when you leave."

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