15 Dogs Taking Their Wheels Out for a Spin

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When you've got your own set of wheels, it seems like everybody wants to go for a ride. Tough luck, though, because these dogs' wheels are for solo riders only. Better luck next time!

1. Aaah, nothing like a ride in nature.

2. "Looks like someone is jealous of my wheels."

3. Batman's not the only one with wheels that can work in water!

4. Fast and furious.

5. "This is my favorite riding spot."

6. Not sure these wheels are snow-safe.

7. "They see me rollin'."

8. Just two cuties out for some fresh air.

9. It's a fun outing for this trio.

10. "Sorry, can't let you borrow my wheels. I'm possessive."

11. If you don't have your own vanity plate, are you even doing it right?

12. Catch 'em if you can!

13. A bit chilly to go riding, don't you think?

14. Sand ain't no match for these custom wheels.

15. "Dang, I'm pooped from all of this joyriding."


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