23 Dogs Who Don't Understand Personal Space

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Oh, dogs!

1. Table for two, please.

2. "I'll have what he's having."

3. When you wear your dog.


5. "I've been waiting all day."

6. Same

7. "Sits where I fits."

8. Tickle party!

9. A real butt face.

10. Couch potatoes.

11. New-fangled child restraint.

12. Scarf designed by Forever Doggo.

13. No-stress cuddle shesh.

14. Ohai!

15. "You complete me."

16. Run...

17. "Sitting where we fitting, human."

18. "Shhh... Human is resting now."

19. Two-headed snuggle monster.

20. Pardon me.

21. "We don't talk anymore."

22. Because no ensemble is complete without dog.

23. Really, tho. Who's clinging to whom here?