21 Dogs Who Are So Ridiculously Happy To See You

Coming home to a happy dog is like getting a hug from the universe. Whether it's been five minutes or five days since you left, these dogs are equally overjoyed that you're here now.


2. A whole year!

3. This pup will overcome all obstacles to be by your side.

4. *sproing*

5. "Sit? What kind of dog can sit at a time like this?"


7. "Mom's home!"

8. "The only way I can express how happy I am to see you is through interpretive dance."

9. "Hurrah, it's morning!"

10. Totally stuck the landing.

11. Some dogs are better at stairs than others.

12. "I can't wait to tell you about all the exciting things I did today!"

13. Play time!

14. Have you ever been so excited that you started to levitate?

15. "I'd almost forgotten how beautiful you are."

16. "Check out my new shoes!"

17. Some animals think they're too cool to get excited.

18. "Swimming? I love swimming!"

19. You may not be your dog's number one priority at all times, but you're definitely up there.

20. "Hey, guys! What are we doing in here?"

21. And then there's this dog, who's more excited to go to school than anything else ever.