20 Animals Who Are So Flipping Excited That It's Snowing

Not to sound ominous or anything, but winter is coming, and it's bringing plenty of snow with it. Grab some cocoa, and check out these animals, who literally could not be happier about the weather.

1. Make way for the puppy train!

2. New sport for the Winter Olympics, perhaps?

3. Snow: refreshing flavor, subtle aftertaste. 8/10

4. "Oh, snow. I love you so much."

Snow leopard hugging snowball.
credit: Cutest Paw

5. "I! Can't! Even! Right! Now!"

6. "Let's make a fort!"

7. You've heard of sea otters and river otters, but how about snow otters?

Otter in snow.
credit: Reddit

8. This pupper from Puerto Rico had never seen snow before. Do you think she likes it?

9. Too excited about snow to even stand upright.

10. "I'm not sure why I can't eat it, but it sure is fun to try!"

11. First snow bath of the season!

Horse rolling in snow.
credit: Tumblr

12. A little snow can't stop this cow from goofing off.

13. Goodbye, laser pointer. Hello, snowflakes.

Cat trying to grab snowflake.
credit: Imgur

14. As if pandas weren't already uncoordinated.

15. The perfect place for a nap.

Dog lying in snow. Caption: He LOVES snow. Won't even come inside.
credit: Reddit

16. Just your average animal BFFs enjoying the snow together.

17. Find someone who loves you as much as this dog loves snow.

18. The graceful snow leopard in its natural environment.

Snow leopard falling off snowy rock.
credit: Reddit

19. Snow day = best day

20. No regrets!