19 Epic Battles With The Hand Monster

It's every cat's destiny to do battle with the terrible hand monster.

1. At first, hand monster seems chill.

2. Soon, hand monster shows himself as the mortal enemy.

3. Hand monster is terrible at pats.

Diagram of how to pet a cat
credit: Ukiskue

4. "Watch out hand monster! You are getting super pounced!"

5. Hand monster is scary, but this kitten is very brave and knows what to do.

6. Sometimes cats forget hand monster is attached to the hooman.

7. There has never been a more formidable opponent than hand monster.

8. "I gots you hand monster."

Kitten biting finger
credit: IHazNuke

9 Hand monster is a trickster, all right.

10. This brave kitten has what it takes to defeat hand monster.

11. "You gotta show hand monster who's boss."

12. Hand monster battles the Jack in the Box!

13. Hand monster is not known for his great sense of humor.

Eyes drawn on hand wrapped around cat's head
credit: plotikai

14. Cats ARE known for their hilarious sense of humor.

Cat with fake human hands
credit: Craddick

"Look who's scary hand monster now!"

15. But really, hand monster isn't all that bad.

16. Okay, sometimes hand monster is all bad and has to be destroyed.

17. But sometimes, hand monster is nice.

Cat reaching out for human's hand
credit: rahulm35

18. After a while, hand monster learns a little respect.

19. Sometimes hand monster is bestest friend.