23 Pets Who Have Been So Freaking Good For Santa

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Santa comes once a year, and he's got presents for all the good little kitties and doggies. These pets have been putting up with your holiday nonsense and trying hard to be good.

1. He's does not mind wearing that little scarf that his mom put on him. Not one little bit.

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"I am so brave. And so very good."


2. She wants to read you her very favorite Christmas story.

She thinks you'll like it too.


3. "It is I, the best boy."

"This is totally gonna pay off."


4. "Didn't even make a fuss when the hooman did this."

5. "I loves you, Santa!"

6. "This seems like a little much, but I'll do it for presents ... "

7. "All ready to go caroling!"

"We wish you a Meowy Catmouse!"


8. He is clearly excited for Christmas.

9. Santa appreciates a tidy house.

10. "Ok, I wear this because Santa."

"And Santa brings presents."


11. She's totally daydreaming about the new scratchy post she asked for.

12. "I climbed the Christmas tree real carefully and didn't knock off any ornaments."

What a good kitty!


13. I mean, it really is the most magical time of year. Look at the wonder on this pup's face.

"I hope Santa brings me a new squeaky toy!"


14. This pup is pretty smug and knows he's got a lot of presents under that tree.

He's been an exceptionally good boy.


15. "I'm helpin'!"

16. This little buddy is wrapping presents all by himself. What a good boy.

So helpful!

17. These little floofs are ready for Santa!

I hope they don't snooze through his visit!

18. Look at this kitty, wearing a holiday vest and walking on a leash like a little champ.

"Santa better freaking bring me a new mousie."

19. She knows she looks cute in her Santa outfit and enjoys the attention. She's not being particularly good.

20. She is trying her best.

21. "I am being so very good and not destroying this tiny village underneath the sparkle tree."

22. "Oh. My. Gosh."

23. "It's SANTA!"

"You've been a very good kitty! Ho ho ho!"

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