Just 21 Of The Naughtiest Pets On Santa's List

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See if you can tell where these 21 pets landed on Santa's nice and naughty list! Just kidding — they are all very naughty.

1. Pouncing innocent children totally gets you on the naughty list.

2. This kitty is getting coal in his stocking most definitely.

3. SMH.

4. Whatever this is, it's on the naughty list.

5. This was expected, but it's still very naughty.

6. Ya.

7. "What?!"

8. No kitty litter paws in the water please and thank you.

9. This was totally uncalled for.

10. Whoa.

11. He keeps shaking the presents.

12. He's been told many times to stop playing Billy Joel songs.

13. Well this is suspicious.

14. Christmas presents are not for cat naps!

15. "Gets squirted with water for having paws on the table. Licks the table."

16. "I thought maybe this tree needed a star, too."

17. "Oh, me? I'm helping?"

18. Impressive show of strength, but very very naughty.

19. "Ooh what's in here?"

20. Framing your friend is naughty for sure.

21. Um.


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