The Etsy Holiday Gift Guide For Pet People

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One of my greatest passions in life is scouring Etsy for the cutest pet-themed gifts. Now that the holidays are almost upon us, I have a reason to do it, which brings me unspeakable joy.


So without further ado, here's a lift of the best Etsy gifts (including stocking stuffers) to buy for the pet people in your life.

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Etsy gifts for cat lovers.

1. Coffee Cup Cat Cozies by AnnAshley89

You can get these in a variety of colors and they are the cutest things ever. Full disclosure: I have already purchased like 1000 of these.


2. Scratch It Off Magnetic Notepad by QuillAndFox

As cute as it is useful.

3. Cat Butt Coasters by MurphyOpus


Everyone needs coasters, whether they know it or not. And all cat lovers need these cat butt coasters.

4. Cat Salt and Pepper Shakers by LennyMud


Your cat will inevitably knock these off the table, but these salt and pepper shakers are worth it.

5. Solid Chocolate Cat by AmyChocolateDogPound


Don't pretend you need an excuse to send your cat-loving friends an 8-ounce solid chocolate cat.

Stocking stuffers for cat lovers.

1. Kitty Cat Sticker Sheet by OxygenImpulse


2. Cup Cat Enamel Pin by Just Duet

3. Lovely Cat Washi Tape by PapershakerJr (for people who like scrapbooking or general crafting)


Etsy gifts for dog lovers

1. Dog breed candles by ScriptedFragrance

These soy candles come in a variety of dog breeds. I highly recommend the Dachshund one, as it is objectively the cutest.


2. Personalized Dog Mug by DrawYourPortrait

A personalized mug of your dog for $39.99 is a no-brainer.

3. Personalized Dog Leggings by Monofacesoadult

Give the weirdest gift of all by putting your friend's dog's face on leggings.

4. Dog Coasters by JulesForTheHome

As I stated above, everyone needs coasters. These are my favorite dog coasters on Etsy. (This store also carries coasters in various other cute animal prints.)

5. Corgi Club print by CactusClub

What more is there to say? It's a print with tons of Corgis. Buy it now.

6. Dog Breed note cards by thoughtfilledgifts

Similar to the candles above, these note cards come in a variety of breeds. Plus, they're a handy thing to have around for reminders, recipes, or anything else you need written down.

Stocking stuffers for dog lovers.

1. Dog Sticky Notes by DubuDummo

2. Small dog stickers by CactusClub

3. Enamel Pit Bull Pin by FourLetterWordCards

Etsy gifts for animal lovers.

1. Rainforest Ecosystem print by RachelIgnotofsky

Her shop also has rainforest and arctic ecosystem prints, in addition to other cool gifts for your friends who love both animals and science.

2. Deer Mom 8x10 Print by OanaBefort

Adorable deer on a small print!

3. Forest Friends Pocket Planner by QuillAndFox

Come on! Who doesn't need this?

4. Happy Alpacas Print by Tigersheepfriends

Alpacas are peace-loving gentle giants and everyone loves them. They have been scientifically proven to make everyone happy.

5. Sea Otter Travel Mug by nemki

Everyone needs a new travel mug, because everyone has lost their travel mug. Why not make it otter-themed?

Stocking stuffers for animal lovers.

1. Whale Sticker Pack by thelittlecanoe

2. Squirrel Soap by heffernanscrafts

3. Mini Crocheted Octopus by CrochetFromKatie

Bonus: holiday cards

If you still need holiday cards, allow me to recommend the various animal print cards from studiotuesday, which depict an array of Arctic animals enjoying their holiday season.

Now go forth and shop! (And tell me if I left out any of your favorite cute Etsy gifts.)