Cat Hates Every Moment Of His First-Time Parents Swaddling Practice

Caring for pets can be great practice for rearing human babies, and it only seems appropriate for first-time parents to use their dogs and cats to help them prepare for the arrival of their upcoming child.

An expectant parent posted a photo of their cat, a gorgeous gray named Skittles, helping them practice baby swaddling. But based on the look on the cat's face, which over 1 million people have already marveled, he's not exactly happy about the situation.

Though he may not be purring, the swaddled Skittles looked like a perfectly wrapped purrito. And that, of course, happens to be the name of an entire online community dedicated to posting pictures of kitties all swaddled up.

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Some even feature baby kittens looking like human babies when they're purrfectly swaddled.

According to some commenters on Reddit, this is a pretty impressive feat since most cats won't go into this tightly swaddled position easily.

Learn how to purrito responsibly:

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