These 18 Solar-Powered Pets Are Almost Fully Charged

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Renewable energy is big these days, and solar power has shown itself to be an excellent alternative to traditional energy sources. Even your pets are getting in on the action.

1. Multiple cats may require multiple sun stations.

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2. This innovative technology fits seamlessly with your lifestyle.

3. As satisfying as Tetris.

4. It's always good to keep a backup cat charged, just in case.

5. The windows were buy one, get one.

6. Make sure your solar-powered animal is centrally located and easily accessible.

7. Your cat will activate sleep mode when necessary.

8. This versatile kitten also serves as insulation while it recharges.

9. Time to renovate.

10. You may find it helpful to rotate your dogs throughout the day.

11. On overcast days, you can still plug your cat into a traditional charger. They will purr when they reach full bars.

12. If you own multiple cats, you may need bigger windows to keep them at optimum power.

13. Both energy efficient and decorative.

14. "Care to join us? There's room for one more."

15. You can continue to interact with your device while it charges.

16. Almost ready!

17. Consider investing in a car charger if you plan to take your pup with you on the road.

18. Keeping your cats organized will prevent confusion later on.


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