43 Golden Retriever Photos That Will Crack You Up

Golden retrievers are one of the top five most popular dog breeds in the United States. They're basically the Julia Roberts of dog breeds. Who can resist that smile?

1. "Oh yeah? Watch me."

Screen capture of dialogue. Her: well good luck finding someone better than me. Me: [screen capture of Google Image search for "golden retriever puppies for sale."]
credit: Instagram

2. So regal. So refined.

Dog making ridiculous face.
credit: Tumblr

3. "Go on ..."

Dog looking at dog biscuits in photographer's hand. Caption: You have captured my attention...
credit: Cheezburger

4. "Heck yes! Leaf bloweraargreagrahgrahaar"

5. Squad goals.

Photo of woman surrounded by golden retrievers.
credit: Imgur

6. Doing doggo a concern!

Dog looking at ripped toy. Caption: Operating on my dogs favourite toy. He looks very concerned.
credit: Reddit

7. "Are we there yet?"

8. Enough is enough.

Dog lying in grass. Caption: No. You fetch it.
credit: Cheezburger

9. Hugs and scritches — is there anything better?

10. For shame!

11. Behold: the art of not giving a damn.

Photo set of man shoveling snow around dog that won't move.
credit: Imgur

12. "You're my favorite person in the whole world, and also I need to pee."

Dog resting its chin on bed. Caption: Good morning. I'm just gonna wag my tail against noisey stuff until you wake up
credit: Imgur

13. A winning smile.

14. Things you never knew you needed until now: Jackie Chan holding golden retrievers.

Photo set of Jackie Chan holding golden retriever puppies
credit: Imgur

15. This pupper knows what time it is — DINNERTIME!

16. This dog appears to be melting.

Dog drooping against corner of laptop.
credit: Tumblr

17. Excited as h*ck!

Excited puppy. Caption: This is Ralph. It's his first time out in public. 11/10 good boy
credit: Tumblr

18. "Do they even care?"

Dog looking sadly out car window. Caption: They always ask "Who's a good boy" but never "how's the good boy"
credit: Cheezburger

19. Please send all food to the lab for testing.

Puppy being held up to look in microscope
credit: Reddit

20. Guess we know who the favorite child is.


21. Say cheeth!

Dog with its nose pressed to glass door and teeth exposed.
credit: Reddit

22. Good morning, beautiful.

23. Once you get hooked ...

24. The hero we deserve.

Puppy in a cape.
credit: Imgur

25. Bubbles!

26. Smol friends???

Photo set of four dogs looking through window at kittens.
credit: Imgur

27. The latest in lawn and garden management equipment.

Puppy with mouthful of grass. Caption: we have a 15 week old lawnmower
credit: Reddit

28. "Squirrel is life."

29. Important negotiations.

Dog in a river with tennis ball in its mouth, facing off against four other dogs with tennis balls.
credit: Jill Simmons

30. "One of everything, please."

Dog in car looking at drive-through menu.
credit: Tumblr

31. Oops?

Dogs looking guilty in office cubicle. Caption: When ur goofing off with ur buddy at work and the boss comes out of nowhere expecting you to be doing actual work
credit: Instagram

32. Life! Is! So! Exciting!

33. *wink*

Dog with caption: you look quite fetching.
credit: Imgur

34. "I will defeat you, tiny patch of grass!"

35. Bless you.

Dog mid-sneeze.
credit: Reddit

36. Good girl, or goodest girl?

Dog holding towel in her mouth. Caption: she likes carrying around random rags for no reason
credit: Imgur

37. "Hmph."

38. Priorities.

Three photos of sleeping dog captioned "Doorbell.. Mailman.. Dog Barking.." and fourth photo of dog waking up captioned "Fridge Opens"
credit: Imgur

39. "Dog? What dog?"

40. That's false advertising!

Dog with sign that says "I'm a golden retriever but I never retrieve gold."
credit: Dog Shaming

41. ¡ollǝH

42. The Lord said: let there be dog. And lo, there was dog.

Dog in woods underneath ray of sunshine
credit: Imgur

43. We found it. Everyone can go home now.

Dog with its cheeks being stretched into a smile. Caption: I Googled "most important image on the internet" was no disappointed
credit: Imgur