43 Golden Retriever Photos That Will Crack You Up

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Golden retrievers are one of the top five most popular dog breeds in the United States. They're basically the Julia Roberts of dog breeds. Who can resist that smile?

1. My ex: Well good look finding someone better than me. Me:

2. So regal.

So refined.

3. "You have captured my attention. Go on ..."

4. "Heck yes! Leaf bloweraargreagrahgrahaar"

5. Them: "Surround yourself with people who will only lift you higher." Me:

6. "Operating on my dogs favorite toy. He looks very concerned."

Doing doggo a concern!


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

7. "Are we there yet?"


Enough is enough.


9. Hugs and scritches — is there anything better?

10. "This is Bo and Ty. Bo eats paper and Ty felt left out. 11/10 for both"

For shame!


11. Behold: the art of not giving a damn.

12. "Good morning. I'm just gonna wag my tail against noisy stuff until you wake up because I love you."

13. A winning smile.

14. Things you never knew you needed until now: Jackie Chan holding golden retrievers.

15. This pupper knows what time it is — DINNERTIME!

16. This dog appears to be melting.

17. This is Ralph. It's his first time out in public. 11/10 good boy.

Excited as h*ck!



18. "They always ask 'Who's a good boy' but never 'how's the good boy'"

"Do they even care?"


19. Please send all food to the lab for testing.

20. "My dad had the dog sit up front while me and my mom and brother sit in the back"

Guess we know who the favorite child is.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: "he decided to climb into the back with us"

21. "This is Liliah, my majestic golden."

Say cheeth!



22. Good morning, beautiful.

23. "Did you bring the stuff?" Me:

Once you get hooked ...


24. "Chased shifty squirrel away from human — SAVED THE DAY"

The hero we deserve.

25. Bubbles!

26. Smol friends???

27. "We have a 15 week old lawnmower"

The latest in lawn and garden management equipment.


28. "Squirrel is life."

29. Important negotiations.

30. "One of everything, please."

31. "When your goofing off with your buddy at work and the boss comes out of nowhere expecting you to be doing actual work"


32. Life! Is! So! Exciting!


winks flirtatiously


34. "I will defeat you, tiny patch of grass!"

35. "He sneezed in the middle of his photoshoot"

Bless you.

36. "She likes to carry around random rags for no reason"

Good girl, or goodest girl?

37. "Hmph."

38. Priorities.

39. What manner of sorcery is this?!?

40. That's false advertising!

41. ¡ollǝH

42. The Lord said: let there be dog. And lo, there was dog.

43. "Googled 'most important image on the internet' and was not disappointed"

We found it, good job everyone. You can all go home now!


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