Young Girl's Homemade Propaganda Guilt Trips Grumpy Dad To Adopt A Cat

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File this one under purr-severance: A 13-year-old girl has worn down her father's steadfast objections to a family cat with what she has dubbed a "Wall of Sorrow."


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Adorned with both gut-wrenching entreaties and pictures of forlorn-looking kittens you might see on a Sarah McLachlan PSA, the flowchart-like presentation was affixed to a wall in the family's living room, where, presumably, the father would see it often and wrestle with the consequences of leaving his daughter's ultimatum unfulfilled.

At the heart of the 23-panel collection is its show-stopping coup de grâce: A sobbing kitten, captioned "this is because of you."

Kids these days! So precocious, so pure, so DRIVEN.


Enter the girl's older sister who, while home for Christmas break from college, bundled the vision board into a photoset and uploaded it to Twitter on a lark:

"My little sister made a “wall of sorrow” to make my dad feel bad so she could get a cat," she wrote.

Much to her surprise, the tweet promptly took off, riding a surge of viral buzz onto the microblogging platform's coveted "Moments" tab, where, as of this moment, it has been shared more than 37,000 times (!!!).

Naturally, people found the whole thing plenty hilarious.

"You’re* killing me rn 😂," wrote one person.

"Clever girl 👏😂," praised another.

Others thought it was relatable AF — and started strategizing in similar ways.


"This would certainly be me if my future husband won't allow me to have catsss at home," quipped this woman.

"Gonna try to do this to get another dog," added a second.

"I have definitely made one of these, only it was because I wanted McDonalds."

And the best part of this unlikely approach? Dad's resistance yielded to resignation and IT WORKED!

As this endearing snap makes clear, the family's new addition, whose name remains unknown but was rescued from a local shelter, has settled comfortably into her new forever home.

BRB, driving to the store so I can stock up on all the Kleenex ...