Episode 30: How Pets Choose Their Animal Friends

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Jocks falling in love with nerds. Theater kids and druggies finding friendships during summer camp. These are the relationships that we love to see because they're, well, unexpected.

So, too, are the relationships our hosts, Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo, explore in this special-friends episode of the Cuteness Pawdcast. From a dog who spends his afternoons with a duck to a rescued turkey who loves his furry family, unexpected friends are the plot twist that the world is hungry for.


Video of the Day

And speaking of hunger, pet appetites can eclipse those of their human counterparts. So it's important for the pet-obsessed to understand which foods on human tables are dangerous for cats and dogs who might sneak a bite when their people aren't looking. We surface health-related information about the more common foods pets come into contact with day to day.


We also have guest Jennifer Marmor, producer of Judge John Hodgman Podcast, who shares the story about how she and her hubby adopted the pup of their dreams — a dog named George — after a bidding war broke out at a Los Angeles-based shelter.

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