33 Animals Who Hate Winter

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Some animals love winter, but some animals really, truly don't. Here are 33 animals who would like to fast forward to March immediately.

1. Shivvvvvvvvvvvvver.

"Remind me again, why we are outside?"


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. Nope. Not happening.

"Where are these treats I was promised?"


3. It's like the floor is lava, except worse because the floor is ACTUALLY SNOW.

4. Yup.

5. I give up.

6. Found a warm place.

"She's still recovering from our 10-minute potty walk."

7. Woe. Is. Me.

8. We are about three seconds away from a cat-led version of The Shining.

Even pets get stir crazy during big snowstorms.

9. Please don't make me go out there, human.

10. I know you said this would be fun, but you were so, so wrong.

11. Winter fashion is stupid.

12. "That's close enough for now, thank you very much."

13. Dying. Dying. Dead.

14. Protest. I formally PROTEST.

15. When there simply aren't enough layers.

16. "Please momma, don’t make me go out in the snow again🥺"

17. Course.

18. Forget this nonsense.

19. Laugh and I will END YOU.

20. You can read the sense of betrayal on his face.


22. When the house is warm and the snow is frozen lava

23. "Coop dog urgently searching for any patch of snowless ground."

24. If looks could kill, all precipitation everywhere would be dead forever.

25. "If you have a boston terrier, then you know being out in the snow is the equivalent of emotional trauma."

26. First rule of snow survival: Get to higher ground. Wait, that's not right, fox.

27. It was either snow or the muddy death alley—and the muddy death alley ALMOST won.

28. When you know, you know.

29. Votes "neigh" to snow.

30. Less Instagramming, more opening the door, please.

31. More bundled up than most humans, still freezing and miserable.

32. Current Status: ALARMED

33. It's too late for me, I has frozen.