Dalmatian With Heart-Shaped Eyes Will Make You Fall In Love At First Sight

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A beautiful Dalmatian with heart-shaped eyes has been taking the internet by storm after a tweet featuring the real-life emoji-themed dog went viral with over a 130,000 retweets and twice as many likes.


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Shortly after the pics were shared, the pup hit a double internet-fame whammy of also being posted on reddit, with tons more people immediately β€” and understandably β€” falling in love with the perfectly heart-shaped eyes on the pup.

As people raced to their social platforms to commiserate over their intense love for this swoon-worthy pup, some claimed the doggie in question was none other than Charlie, a long-haired Dalmatian and local dog celebrity with a similarly distinctive coloring.

Of course, Charlie elicits all the heart-eyes emojis in his own right, but this Instagram doggie doesn't seem to bare the exact markings as our viral heartthrob.

Some distinct spot differences between the two make it hard to believe they're the same dog, but whatever β€” give us a playdate with both hearty Dalmations please!


Hearts are particularly fun spots to see on dogs, since they're basically a physical manifestation of the love we already feel for our four-legged friends. And this pup's heart eyes inspired others to share pictures of the hearts their own dogs sport.

Hopefully soon we'll get to the bottom of the mystery of who this doggo really is so we can all send 😍 messages to the lucky owner.