Episode 31: OMG, You Spent How Much On Your Pet?

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Every year, the National Retail Federation shares a shocking number that details how much money Americans will spend buying holiday gifts for their pets. While we are much too lazy to look up that figure just to write this paragraph, rest assured knowing that it's an insane amount of money that proves that not only do we have more dollars than sense, but that we also love our pets and, as born consumers, haven't figured out a better way to show our affection.

So exactly what types of gifts are we buying for our beloved cats and dogs? That's what Cuteness Pawdcast hosts, Renee Colvert and Allegra Ringo, dive headfirst into Google to find out.

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From limo service to luxury housing, we examine the opulent lives of animals who live better than most people. And while we're there (slumming, of course), Renee shares a few well meaning (but probably horrible) ideas for DIY pet gifts, e.g. duck taping tennis balls to a Roomba.


If you're ever wrecked with guilt about leaving your pet behind while you galavant around the world like a globetrotting gadfly, over compensate by boarding your good boys and good girls in a five-star kennel. We've found world-class accommodations for your pet that will leave you blissfully penniless!

Writer and comedian Matt Moore stops by the Cuteness kennel to share his slightly troubling passion for pugs — an obsession with an origin story that you need to hear to believe. Trust us; it's weird, and Matt Moore is delightful.

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