22 Absolutely Necessary Photos Of Animals Giving Each Other Hugs

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"I didn't choose the hug life, the hug life choose me" — all these cuddling besties.

1. "Doin me a heckin embrace."

Brothers from another mother

2. "I axed 4 da nuse knot da wetter" #tonghung

3. Groomers! (Hover over embed to play video.)

4. What did we ever do to deserve goldens???

5. No arms? NO PROBLEm!

6. RT if u also just melted into a puddle of tears & plastic (RIP me + this keyboard).

7. You gotta be kitten me right meow.

8. * freeze frame * "Yup. thats me. you're probably wondering how i ended up in this situation ... "

9. When you like to hug but bae doesn't (HOETPV).

10. TRUTH FACT: According to science, a hug a day keeps the vet away.

11. "Judges? Ok, we'll allow it!"

12. Here's an exclusive sneak peak at Meow-calm In The Middle, a new show coming soon to Cuteness.tv. 😉

13. "Wut kine ov doggo r u, fren?"

14. When Mom tells you to hug your 2nd cousin for a family picture.

15. "Local man & animal blogger spontaneously combusts into the internet ether, more at eleven." -- The newscast when my death is first reported.

16. Are there any animals dogs CAN'T be friends with? (Asking for a friend.) 🤷

17. You guess is as good as ours.

18. "If I cuddles, I puddles."

19. Little spoon, tiny 🥄.

20. [Crowd gathers around man hyperventilating into paper bag]

21. "Ssshhh, just tell me where you stashed the diamonds."

22. When moos meets mews.