22 Absolutely Necessary Photos Of Animals Giving Each Other Hugs

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These cuddling besties didn't choose the hug life, the hug life chose them.


1. "Doin me a heckin embrace."

Brothers from another mother

2. "I axed 4 da nuse knot da wetter"

3. Get a room, you two!

4. What did we ever do to deserve goldens???

5. No arms? NO PROBLEm!

6. Back hugs are for expert-level huggers only.

7. RT if u also just melted into a puddle of tears & plastic (RIP me + this keyboard).

8. You gotta be kitten me right meow.

9. "Spa day on the farm today. Started with a redefining mud mask and ended with a deep tissue massage by Oreo the goat"

10. When you like to hug but bae doesn't so you wait for bae to fall asleep.

11. TRUTH FACT: According to science, a hug a day keeps the vet away.

12. "When the ground is lava so you hug on for dear life"

13. Here's an exclusive sneak peak at Meow-calm In The Middle, a new show coming soon to Cuteness.tv. 😉

14. "Wut kine ov doggo r u, fren?"

15. When Mom tells you to hug your 2nd cousin for a family picture.

16. We've heard of hats that hug the head but this is ridiculous.

17. Are there any animals dogs CAN'T be friends with?

18. You guess is as good as ours. 🤷

19. "Just watch where you roll over, okay?"

20. Little spoon, tiny 🥄.

21. I aspire to this level of trust with my friends and family.

22. Make sure to document those milestone hugs with a selfie.

23. When moos meets mews.

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