Meghan Markle's Dog Reportedly Broke Two Legs After Arriving In The UK

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When Meghan Markle made the decision to move to the United Kingdom with her fiance (Prince Harry — maybe you've heard of him), she had to make a difficult decision and leave one of her two dogs behind in the states.

While she brought her beagle, Guy, with her, she had to leave her other dog, a Labrador-shepherd mix named Bogart, behind because he was too old to make the trip across the Atlantic.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Meghan's dog woes aren't over yet though. According to the Daily Mail, Guy suffered an accident after arriving in the U.K. and broke two of his legs. It's still not clear how Guy sustained his injuries, but he's getting the best of care, according to The Mail.

Guy is reportedly being treated by Irish-born Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, who also happens to star on British TV's The Supervet, and has worked to develop pioneering techniques in veterinary orthopedics and bionic surgery. Guy is being treated at a facility in Surrey, according to reports.

Get well soon, Guy!


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