OMG, These 28 Cats Are So Rude!

Cats are furry little jerks that will forever have my heart and be my favorite animal.

1. I guess it's time to talk to my cat about her changing body.

2. Even kittens are kind of dicks.

3. I mean, cats are even rude to other cats.

4. See?

5. And if you're a dog?

6. Or a human?

7. Or even worse, a human doing yoga ....

You're going to pay the price.

8. Cats don't like even like squash. He just wanted to ruin your dinner.

9. Cats are totally unapologetic about wearing fur.

10. Actually, I'm on the cat's side here.

The moment you put a costume on a cat, you're taking your life in your hands.

11. "Oh you needed this?"

12. Nope.

13. "The hooman spent many hours constructing this. I will destroy it now."

14. Cats think your bathroom habits are disgusting.

You should use a litter-box like a dignified cat.

15. The Battle of Fort Asshole ....

16. "No, these are my snacks. Find your own."

Cats never share their snacks.

17. "Oh this is yours?"

18. Cats are known for cyber bullying.

19. Definitely a dick move by the cat, but I laughed.

20. Um.

21. Happy Birthday.

22. Seriously. WTF cats?

My cat does this and I'm like "Then just walk away Max. Just walk away from the scary water." And then he just gets more mad and screams at the bathtub water.

23. Dude, that was YOUR food.

24. "If I fits, I poops."

"And if it's a potted plant in your front room, that's even better."

25. This person though he was being nice and rescuing a lost cat.

26. Settle down cat! That's not even a real tiger.

27. Holy shit!

28. What the hell was that for, kitty?