Meet The American Kennel Club’s Latest Dog Breeds

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The American Kennel Club is recognizing new breeds for the first time since 2016. The dog-loving organization has officially added the Nederlandse kooikerhondje and the grand basset griffon Vendeen.

If you're thinking, "Aww ... wait, what?" no worries. Here's the Nederlandse kooikerhondje.

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And the grand basset griffon Vendeen.

As CBS News reports, the breeds are eligible to compete in many dog shows this year, but not in the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show. They won't be eligible for that show until next year.

These breeds may be new to the AKC, but they're already beloved by thousands of dog-owners around the world. There are about 7,000 Nederlandse kooikerhondje worldwide (including roughly 500 in the United States) and the grand basset griffon Vendeen (or "GBGV" for short), is related to many long, low-to-the-ground basset breeds who date back centuries in Europe.


Image Credit: Bigandt_Photography/iStock/GettyImages

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje

The Kooikerhondje, pronounced OY-KER-HOUND-YEH, is a medium-sized dog with an adult male and female weighing 20–24 lbs pounds, according to the American Kennel Club. Kooikerhondjes can be up to 16 inches tall.


The origins of the kooikerhondje, aka the Dutch decoy dog, can be found as far back as the 1500's. Some say that the kooikerhondje was owned by a man who claims the dog saved his life by warning him of the Spanish attack. It is believed that this dog originated from the spaniel.

By the 1930's this lovely breed was nearly extinct. Through the devotion of M.C.S. Baroness van Hardenbroek, the breed was rediscovered. She began her breeding program in 1939.

Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen

The grand basset griffon Vendeen shares the petit basset's terrier-like rough coat as well as his outgoing personality. His breed standard notes that he's generally happy and independent, and though he may have a stubborn streak he should be willing to please his master.


The GBGV is a medium sized dog who grows between 15-18 inches in height and 40-45 pounds in weight. They were originally bred by French hunters to chase down rabbit, bore, and deer, according to the AKC.

In order to gain recognition by the AKC, a breed must have at least 300 dogs spread across at least 20 states, and we can only expect the Nederlandse kooikerhondjes' and GBGVs' numbers to grow now.

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