23 Hilarious Cat Memes That Will Crack You Up

Why wait for Caturday when cats are funny all the time?

1. "Oh, dear. The human is malfunctioning."

Cat with its head tilted to the side. Caption: I've never seen Enzo in a box before. My excitement when I saw him like this seemed to be concerning him.
credit: Reddit

2. Breaking news: cats are jerks.

3. Doggo doin catto a concern

Dog nudging surprised cat with its nose.
credit: Tumblr

4. It's only a matter of time now.

Two cats sitting side by side and looking under a cabinet. Caption: RIP whatever is hiding behind the bathroom cabinet...
credit: Reddit

5. Mind = blown

Excited kitten. Caption: My kitten just had tuna for the first time...
credit: Reddit

6. Achievement unlocked!

Cat on the street sitting next to red location indicator painted on wall. Cpation: he gave me a side quest
credit: Imgur

7. 🤣 🔥 🤣 🔥

8. Look at these little footsies!

White cat with little black hearts on the back of its feet.
credit: Tumblr

9. "HEY. Pay attention to me!"

10. He's getting really into genealogy.

Cat sitting in front of television showing nature documentary with lions.
credit: The Chive

11. Staying organized is the key to success.

12. Dogs do the chase. Cats do the sit.

Four kittens sitting on the back of a sheep.
credit: Tumblr

13. "No pictures."

14. Behold, the mighty hunter.

Cat sitting in front of a tea bag. Caption: Some cats bring their humans birds and mice... Oliver brings me teabags
credit: Reddit

15. Um, obviously?

16. "Wow, this mirror makes me look buff."

17. *click* "Mrow?"

18. He could at least pretend to try.

Two athletic cats and one overweight cat looking up at the ceiling. The overweight cat is lying on its back. Caption: A pigeon got into our house today. my cat Troy has a different method of hunting
credit: Imgur

19. Welcome to the VIP lawn.

Cat lounging on a lawn next to a sign banning dogs
credit: Tumblr

20. Carl has a promising future as a meow-tivational speaker.

Cat looking at itself in the mirror. Caption: Carl, you're going to get out there and you're going to catch that red dot
credit: Imgur

21. Too many fits, not enough sits!

Photo set of cat sitting in different sizes of cardboard box.
credit: Imgur

22. Cat lovers will understand.

Photographer resting hand on annoyed cat. Caption: Me: *sees a cat* / Me: Ok time for me to bother this animal
credit: Imgur

23. This person deserves some sort of award.

Cat sleeping under a lamp next to a laptop. Caption: Installation of a heating lamp always rectifies the "cat on keyboard" syndrome
credit: Imgur