25 Ferrets Who Will Make You Wish You Had a Ferret

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Ferret, cat snake, fur noodle — a ferret by any other name would smell just as stinky. No offense, ferrets. We love you, even if you have a reputation for being kinda (totally) funky.

1. As you can see, ferrets are very enthusiastic readers.

2. Three times the ferret = three times the cute.

3. David Beckham wishes he could.

4. This is going to be a mess to untangle.

5. So! Close!

6. "Am I a pretty flower?"

7. New, stackable, space-saving ferrets for your convenience.

8. "This is my teddy. There are many like it, but this one is mine."

9. Fun Ferret Fact: Sometimes ferrets go into a "dead sleep" from which they're very difficult to awaken. Once you realize they're not actually dead, it's pretty hilarious.

10. "Five more minutes ..."

11. They're such elegant, graceful creatures.

12. Zzzzzz

13. Handsome fella.

14. BANG

15. The reason most ferret photos are taken while they're sleeping is because when they're awake, they look like this.

16. Get on loser, we're going shopping.

17. What do sleeping ferrets dream about?

18. "It's been half an hour since lunchtime. Can I go swimming now?"

19. Forget ferrets; check out this giant earthworm!

20. "Take a left up here. I know a shortcut."

21. Who spilled ferret all over the floor?

22. Bath time.

23. Let's go on an adventure!

24. No ferrets were harmed in the making of this list.

We promise:

25. Heart warming.


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