26 Cats Fitting Themselves Into Weird Spaces

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Cats have such a knack for fitting themselves into weird spaces that they basically qualify as a liquid. Here are 26 cats who found their way into the gosh-darn strangest places.

1. In case you've ever wondered how a clown car works.

2. This shoe box is totally cat-sized ... right?

3. Here's a liquid cat pouring itself into a bowl.

4. Yep. That's what you think it is.

5. No plans to move. NONE.

6. No WINE-ing.

7. Squeezing all these kittens into one bed = harder than any Tetris level.

8. This was a choice.

9. When the cat warehouse fulfillment team ships your cat order in two shipments and the head part still isn't here yet.

10. And, literally, WHY though?

11. Mistakes were made, regrets were had.

12. What a cute little sock muppet.

13. Where is the cat?

14. That face.

15. "Put that camera down and help me out already."

16. "Look it was a tight fit even before I ate all the candy."

17. No words. Just ... none.

18. I'll take one bucket of cat, please.

19. Bet you can't pet just one.

20. Just ... chillaxing?

21. Reminder: A liquid has no fixed shape therefore it takes the shape of any container. #sciencefacts

22. Don't hog the bowl. We both fit. See?

23. There are AT LEAST two cats in this cylinder.

24. "I contain multitudes. This bowl? It contains most of me."

25. Specimen doin a sink stretch.

26. Challenge (sorta) accepted.


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