26 Cats Fitting Themselves Into Weird Spaces

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Cats have such a knack for fitting themselves into weird spaces that they basically qualify as a liquid. Here are 26 cats who found their way into the strangest places.

1. In case you've ever wondered how a clown car works.

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2. This shoe box is totally cat-sized ... right?

3. Here's a liquid cat pouring itself into a bowl.

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4. Yep. That's what you think it is.

5. No plans to move. NONE.

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6. No WINE-ing.

7. So. Many. Kittens.

8. This was a choice.

9. Literally, how though?

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10. And, literally, WHY though?

11. Where is the cat's head? (This is a serious question.)

12. What a cute little sock muppet.

13. Where is the cat?

14. That face.

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15. Oops.

16. Does this couch lead to Narnia?

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17. No words. Just ... none.

18. I'll take one bucket of cat, please.

19. Bet you can't pet just one.

20. Just ... chillaxing?

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21. Science facts:

22. I fit. I definitely ... uh oh.

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23. There are AT LEAST two cats in this cylinder.

24. Bad hiding place, kitty.

25. Don't hog the tiny glass bowl. We both fit. See?

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26. Cats make negative sense.

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