17 Creepy Moments Every Cat Owner Knows

Cats can be wonderful, loving companions, but they can also be, let's face it, creepy AF. Here are 17 creepy moments that every cat-owners knows.

1. When you wake up to this face.

2. When you go to make coffee, and they ambush you with creep before you even have caffeine:

3. When they're hiding in something you own and you can only see their eyes.

4. Or when their eyes glow in general, TBH.

5. When they smile at you like an actual demon.

6. When they look at you like this.

7. When you realize they always have eyes on you. ALWAYS.

8. When you actually catch them spying.

9.  They watch you shower.

10. When they move like they're actually possessed.

11. But like seriously.

12. When they give you that hypnotizing stare.

13. When you get a glimpse at their true nature.

14. When they pop up in unexpected places.

15. When they look like they're trying to look innocent and failing miserably.

16. When you're honestly not sure if they love you or are plotting your murder.

17. When even the lighting seems to be telling you they're dangerous.