24 Photos That Prove Animals Are Pure-Hearted Angels

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Big or small, same species or definitely not, animals know that sometimes you have to work together to get the job done (because teamwork makes the dream work). Here are 24 animals doing just that.

1. Anything for love, right?

2. I got you, bro.

3. Humans think doors are a lot more effective than they actually are.

4. Selfless teamwork.

5. Don't worry. I will come in and get you.

6. Now we reach.

7. You know, typically this is a thing cats can do on their own, right?

8. You will crawl again, little turtle.

9. Itz heavy.

10. This isn't even adorable so much as it's awe-inspiring.

11. And this is COMPLETELY awe-inspiring:

12. Seriously, we don't even deserve dogs. Look at this sh*t!

13. Take your time. You're not heavy at all.

14. So. Thirsty.

15. Need help getting to the ocean? No problem.

16. Too. Much. This is TOO MUCH.

17. "I can reach, but I'm afraid I'll fall in." "I have a plan."

18. When you ask bae to get something from the high shelf because he's taller.

19. It's easy. I'll show you.

20. Okay, now I'm here but I just realized I can't open jars.

21. Share noms? Yes, share noms.

22. Natural predator? Nah.

23. Stay still. I am trying to help. There. See?

24. Never afraid to jump in and lend a hand.


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