23 Dogs Who Might Be Bears In Disguise

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These dogs are definitely dogs, but it's okay if you have some doubts. Whether they're ​Ursidae​ or ​Canidae,​ they're totally freaking adorable.

1. Black bears are native to North America. But this isn't a black bear; it's a puppy.

2. Polar bears are native to the Arctic Circle, and apparently also to this person's backyard.

3. Pandas aren't technically bears. Neither is this Chow Chow.

4. Teddy bears are (sort of) bears, but dogs that look like teddy bears are not.

5. Dog? Bear? Who can even tell?

6. Okay, this is obviously a bear.

7. "Am I a bear? Am I a dog? I just don't know."

8. It's those cute little doggy paws that give her away.

9. Vicious bear attack!

10. A mix of German Shepherd, Akita, and Corgi? If you say so ...

11. Why did this guy trade in his dog for a bear?

Absolute specimen.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

12. So realistic!

13. Did you know you can keep a polar bear in your tub?

14. This bear says, "Woof."

15. This bear is grumpy.

16. Bear cub? Dog cub? We might as well flip a coin.

17. A fearsome polar bear yawn!

18. Sir, are you aware that there's a bear in your backseat?

19. "I'm totally not a bear" ;)

20. Someone get this hungry little teddy bear a snack.

21. Keeping a bear on a leash in public is a pretty ballsy move.

22. Who's a good bear? Is it you? Yes it is!

23. Who cares what kind of animal this is? Just let us cuddle it!

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