Just 26 Kittens Sleeping Real Weird

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It's exhausting being an adorable kitten; there's always something to pounce, or eat, and all sorts of trouble to get into! Here are 26 kitties who are tuckered out, and sleeping like the darling and furry little weirdos they are.

1. Here is a cute kitten, sleeping in a very normal and average position.

You know, just for comparison.


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

2. And now it gets weird. Here's a kitten that fell asleep in a food container.

3. This little tabby fell asleep with his paws behind his head somehow.

But how?!


4. Behold the sleep blep.

5. Kittens sleep so deeply.

6. When he gets bigger, he'll sleep on your laptop, but until then ...

7. There once was a kitten who slept on a shoe ...

And I was late to work because I didn't know what to do.



8. Even when he's asleep, he's the center of attention.

And he knows it.


9. I don't even know what I'm looking at here.

10. Sleeping kittens are sweet. But sleeping kittens sleeping in the shape of a heart is super sweet.

11. The purrrfect sleeping position.

12. He fell asleep watching his favorite movie, The Big Meowski.

13. These guys are obviously dreaming of sardines ...

14. Oh, he'll grow into his bones!

15. Too pooped to poop.

16. So sleepies!

17. Paws in the air, don't care.

18. You are getting very sleepy and extremely adorable ...

19. "I has mine own pillows."

"The more I eats, the comfier I gets."



20. When you're a kitten, there's a nap around every corner.

21. Ah, here we have the new kitten owner learning a valuable cat lesson: If a cat falls asleep on you, you are not allowed to move.

22. Vampire Kitty sleeps all day ...

And bites all night!


23. It's always a good idea to bring an extra snoozing kitten.

24. I'll take one sleepy kitty, extra fluffy, to go thanks.

25. You do you, little kitty.

26. I wonder what this little guy is dreaming about?

Probably eating pretzels and pouncing on all the stuffs.


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