16 Furry Olympians Competing In Totally Real Sports

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Every four years, we come together to celebrate the athletic achievements of cats and dogs from all walks of life. Let's take a look at this season's highlights.

1. This doggo is definitely about to break some records in the freestyle fetch category!

2. Tandem snoozing at its most competitive — and cutest.

3. Excellent showing in the puppy eyes category - but will the judges agree?

5. Meanwhile, these guys had a little trouble getting the momentum they needed.

6. Grace, poise, elegance - these are the things we look for in a contestant.

7. This seasoned competitor exceeded expectations in the fireside flop!

8. Cold temperatures mean extra challenges for participants in the speed slobber.

9. This brother and sister team have been training in synchronized wagging since puppyhood.

10. No gold for the golden pups after an embarrassing collision during their downhill slide.

11. This cat is so good at curling that she could compete with humans!

12. The stamina! The tenacity! Astounding!

13. Preparing for the Olympics means these animals must keep their bodies in pique physical condition.

14. When the 100 meter dash is frozen lava.

15. After a nearly flawless run, this fetch finalist has reached the last obstacle of the big stick carry - can she clear it?

16. Check out the height on these leaps and bounds! What a show!

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