17 Cats Who Are Kinda Maybe Stuck In Boxes

Sometimes the things you love hurt you the most. So it is with these cats, who love boxes, and must now reconcile their love with the tragedy that has befallen them.

1. Mistakes were made.

Cat curled up backwards in a shoe box.
credit: Imgur

2. "I just wanted some fries."

3. "Keep yer hands off my tummy!"

Grouchy looking cat on its back in a misshapen cardboard box.
credit: Reddit

4. Why do they make these boxes so dang skinny?

5. [swishing intensifies]

6. "I saw this going differently in my head."

7. "Help! Am not cereal! Am cat!"

Cat wedged into a cereal box.
credit: Imgur

8. "No one cared who I was until I put on the mask."

9. "I'm not stuck. What makes you think I'm stuck? Why, do I look stuck?"

Cat in a shoe box with its paws stuck through a hole.
credit: Imgur

10. Did you know this trap actually works outside of cartoons?

11. "Stupid ball. I didn't even want you anyway."

12. How humiliating! At least no one is watching or recording.

13. "Release me, you villain!"

Cat emerging from cardboard box.
credit: Reddit

14. If at first you don't succeed, collapse dramatically and declare that your life is over.

15. "I'm fine. If you could just nudge me towards my food bowl, that'd be great."

Cat stuck in a box.
credit: Reddit

16. Perfect.

17. "Quit laughing and get me out of here!"

Angry cat in a box looking up.
credit: Reddit