18 Cats Who Are Kinda Maybe Stuck In Boxes

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Sometimes the things you love hurt you the most. So it is with these cats, who love boxes, and must now reconcile their love with the tragedy that has befallen them.

1. Mistakes were made, and regrets were had.

2. "I just wanted some fries."

3. "Keep yer hands off my tummy!"

4. Why do they make these boxes so skinny?

5. "Jack Jack struggles with life. He got stuck one way and as soon as he got unstuck, he got stuck a DIFFERENT way. To be fair, it didn’t faze him at all and he kept playing with his little astronaut helmet on. 🦨"

6. "I saw this going differently in my head."

7. "Help! Am not cereal! Am cat!"

8. How humiliating.

9. "I'm not stuck. What makes you think I'm stuck? Why, do I look stuck?"

10. Did you know this trap actually works outside of cartoons?

11. At least no one is watching or recording.

12. What is my life?!

13. "Release me, you villain!"

14. This is not my most flattering moment.

15. "I'm fine. If you could just nudge me towards my food bowl, that'd be great."

16. Perfect.

17. "I'll poop on your bed if you post this to Facebook"

18. This is enough cardboard...for now.


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