Just 29 Baby Bunnies Sleeping Like Absolute Weirdos

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Baby bunnies are as weird as they are adorable — at least when they're sleeping. Here are 29 baby bunnies sleeping like absolute weirdos.

1. Not dead. Probably not dead.

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2. All my bunnies get into formation?

3. When you just can't.

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4. Immediate sleeps.

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5. Because when you need to nap, you need to nap NOW.

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6. Petrified or sleeping? Sleeping. Almost definitely sleeping.

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7. Looks like a stuffed animal, actually just a floppy sleeper.

8. I hides under stuff. I sleeps. Goodbye now.

9. Legs is beds.

10. What? Cages makes great pillows.

11. Veggie bed. NBD.

12. Oh come on, this HAS to be posed.

13. Like a little white sleepy potato.

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14. Not your most flattering angle, bunny.

15. Ah, the old t-shirt hammock.

16. If it fits, I zzzzzzz.

17. Can. Not. Go. On.

18. Look closely and you'll see that there IS a face in there.

19. When your friends try to prank you at the sleepover.

20. This one is harder to find though.

21. Don't move. The bunny will think it's an earthquake if you move.

22. Or maybe it won't.

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23. Very comfy looking ...

24. Hello, smooshface.

25. This is what giving up looks like.

26. Someone turn off the lights for this guy.

27. Just a bunny using another bunny as a pillow. What of it?

28. Sleeps through everything. Adorable through everything.

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29. Behold, (zzzzzz)zombie bunny.