Just 21 Of The Silliest Darn Puppies We've Ever Seen

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Is there anything sillier than a puppy? Nope, nothing.

1. Corgi puppy vs The Great Pumpkin.

2. The Tickliest Puppy!

Also, the Wiggliest Puppy!


Video of the Day

Video of the Day

3. "Let's get silly, Mom!"

4. Keep trying buddy!

5. "I like this thing!"

6. Here we see a herd of puppies in their natural formation:

7. I don't even know what is happening here, but it is cute and silly.

8. Aw, this puppy learned gravity.

9. And this puppy somehow defeated gravity.

10. "Wheeee!"

11. Puppies love warms.

12. Ok. Here's a few puppies that totally think they are swimming. In air.

13. "Hey puppy! I'm gonna get you other puppy!"

"You better watch out, other puppy!"


14. This pug pup has a silly walk that I'm into.

15. And this pup has a very distinctive bounce.

16. "Oh, I'm gonna get you too!"

17. So excited about the swimmy pool!

18. This puppy has a clever strategy to avoid bath time.

19. This puppy likes peanut butter more than I do!

20. Target acquired

21. The Roly Polyiest Puppy.

(Which is a children's book that I'm going to write.)


22. A woofer and her subwoofer


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