17 Super Wholesome Dog Memes To Warm Your Heart

With everything that's going on in the world, it's nice to know that dogs are still dogs, and they'll continue to make people happy just by existing.

1. Remember: you are beautiful inside and out.

2. "What? Say it again!"

3. Ack!

4. Here's to conservation of energy.

5. Captain Ron does what Captain Ron wants.

Picture from Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary of dog lying in doorway, blocking other dogs. Caption: Captain Ron is definitely causing a traffic jam. I had time to get the camera and no one moved in the meantime
credit: Facebook

6. omg so cool

7. This is what friends are for.

Dog with tongue sticking out. Caption - Friend: "You're beautiful. You're smart. Any guy would be lucky to have you."
credit: Instagram

8. Everybody's working for the weekend.


10. 🎶 Hello darkness, my old friend 🎶

11. Be a lover, not a fighter.

12. "Hey, my friend thinks you're cute."

Dog in a bar with an awkward smile. Caption: When u see somebody cute checking u out and ur really not sure what to do with ur face.
credit: Imgur

13. BFFs = Best Friends Furever

14. Hmph!

Photoset of dog looking grumpy. Caption: When you're wrong but refuse to admit it
credit: Imgur

15. Rumor has it that there are people who use the weekend to get things done.

16. Wind? What wind?

Dog walking in strong wind. Caption: When life keeps trying to drag me down but I'm stronger
credit: Tumblr

17. All your sides are your good sides.