18 Times Wild Cats Acted Just Like Your Kitty

Yes, big cats are dangerous apex predators, but they're so cuuuuuuute! They're the real life version of the cat your cat thinks it is.

1. They will lay waste to a roll of toilet paper if given the opportunity.

2. Sometimes they forget to put their tongue back in their mouth.

3. They're not super concerned with whatever is on your agenda today.

4. They do that cute bunny rabbit thing with their paws.

5. They enjoy a good scratching post.

6. They love to bat around their toys.

7. They climb trees, but aren't always sure what to do once they're up there.

8. "If I fits ..."

9. "... I sits."

10. They get a little rough with their toys.

11. They love a good stretch.

12. Sometimes they are graceful and agile. Sometimes they are not.

13. They're experts at finding the best patches of sunlight.

14. Some of them tolerate - or even enjoy! - the company of dogs.

15. When they're bored and want attention, they might get a little feisty.

16. Occasionally, there will be a vicious territory dispute, which must be resolved in typical cat fashion.

17. Sometimes they get super derpy all of a sudden, for no discernible reason.

18. And of course, they know all the best places for napping.