19 Signs You Are Actually A Cat

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Did you ever wonder if you were really a cat? I know I have! Here are some clues ...

1. You are extremely judgmental.

2. You could always use a nap.

3. A hot bath cures anything.

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4. You hate it when people forget about you.

5. A good blow out makes you feel like a million bucks.

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6. You're always cold.

7. You wake up ravenous and can't wait for breakfast.

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8. Spa days are the best days.

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9. Kids are super annoying.

10. You're not very good at your job.

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11. You poop in a box.

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Ha ha! Just kidding!

12. Sometimes, you're kind of a jerk.

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13. You're way into sushi.

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14. You still sleep with your favorite stuffed animal.

15. You binge on Easter candy.

16. You are annoyed by 97% of the population.

17. You hate what other people consider fun.

18. You assume everyone will share their food.

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19. You walk on two legs.

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Wait a minute.