Just 31 of the Best Cat Shaming Pictures on the Internet

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We always love our furry friends, but this doesn't mean we have to like everything they do. Sometimes they break the rules, and the only way to punish them is with public humiliation on the internet. Here are 32 of the best cat shaming pics around.

1. Welp, that's an awkward talk to have with mom and dad.

2. Just some garden variety cat jerkery.

3. And some very NOT cat-like behavior:

4. And some downright dog-like behavior...

5. Know your own limits, dude.

6. that is some hardcore bullying.

7. When you put yourself on the hot seat

8. Said literally every cat ever.

9. Some cats just can't have nice things.

10. #Fitspo

11. And a free dieting idea, if you need one.

12. Sometimes the reasons for the shame are truly inexplicable.

13. Whoever said love don't cost a thing clearly never had a pet in an apartment.

14. Or just a pet period.

15. Hey, he doesn't make the rules. Actually, wait, no he does. He made that rule.

16. When you're caught red handed, you might as well finish the crime?

17. He probably deserved it?


19. You can't make this stuff up.

20. But you look fabulous.

21. Brings new meaning to the phrase "I can't even."

22. Come on, dude. That's just unnecessary.

23. This cat is ready for prison.

24. But like, why?

25. LIAR.

26. Not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for this guy.

27. It's your own fault for cheating on the cat though.

28. It's called making sure the new guy knows his place.

29. Worth every penny.

30. That's what you get for daring to love the laptop and/or wine nearly as much as the cat.

31. TBH, this is just impressive. Contact lenses are basically invisible.


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